The Iyengar Yoga Certification Mark is a guarantee of excellence, clarity and depth of understanding. Only qualified Iyengar teachers can display this mark. In the UK, high standards of teaching are ensured by a syllabus of mentoring, and assessments endorsed by the IY(UK), and by the Iyengars in Pune, India.

All teachers are trained to rigorously high standards. Teaching standards and up-to–date knowledge is maintained through the requirement for qualified teachers to attend national, monitored Professional Development days led by senior Iyengar teachers

A Certificated Iyengar Yoga Teacher has followed a precisely graded syllabus. They develop a detailed knowledge of yoga postures and sequencing, and learn about the use of props to create the safe and correct alignment of the body.

Teaching Qualifications

All Iyengar qualifications follow a syllabus which requires many years of specific practice and mentorship. Qualifications are undertaken sequentially, and build on the previous levels:

Level 1. Teachers will have at least 3 years of Iyengar practice and 3 years of specialised mentoring prior to qualifying, and may teach general classes.

Level 2. Teachers build on the syllabus of level 1, receive mentorship at a higher level, and may teach one to one classes.

Level 3. Teachers build on the syllabus of level 2, receive mentorship at a higher level, and may teach specialised classes.

Level 4. Teachers build on the syllabus /practice of level 3, receive mentorship at a higher level, and may teach Therapy classes.

For details refer to www.iyengaryoga.org.uk

Teacher Mentoring

Yogacharya Sri BKS Iyengar developed what has come to be called Iyengar Yoga from a firm, spiritual, philosophical and practical base. A very successful teacher training programme ran for many years and has now evolved into a structured mentoring system with assessments developed by the Iyengar organisations.

Candidates learning to teach will have achieved a high standard in their personal practice of the Introductory asanas and also have a preliminary awareness of the subtlety of Iyengar Yoga and its philosophy.