Single membership £15

Our membership and renewals go via the IY(UK) website. To join or renew online, follow the links, and be sure to choose NEEIY as your Membership Group. The IY(UK) fee shown there will then reduce to our lower fee.

Membership of NEEIY automatically gives you membership of the national Iyengar Yoga association IY(UK) too - that on its own would normally cost you £20.

Join or renew online
Choose NEEIY as your Membership Group

Joint membership £25 for two family members.

Cannot be done online. For joint membership or non-online single membership, print the Membership application form.
Membership application form

Membership benefits


  • Discounts on local Iyengar Yoga workshops and events with leading UK or visiting teachers
  • Discounts on purchases from Yogamatters (automatically applied).


  • Regular notifications on local events and news
  • Notifications of workshops, holidays and events in the UK and abroad from IY(UK)
  • Up to date news about Iyengar yoga and access to the members area of the IY(UK) website

Free magazines

  • Free, Iyengar Yoga News magazines twice yearly from IY(UK), with articles by leading Iyengar yoga teachers and membership contributors.


  • Access to mentorship for Iyengar yoga teaching qualifications and trainee workshops


  • An invitation to the IY(UK) annual Iyengar Yoga Convention

Exclusive merchandise and discounts on yoga accessories

You may want to buy some of the equipment that is often used in Iyengar yoga classes, such as mats, sponge blocks, belts, wood bricks or blankets. NEEIY members receive a discount on all purchases from Yogamatters, with their huge range and variety of yoga clothes, health and wellbeing items, as well as gifts and Yoga homeware. You can also buy exclusive IY(UK) merchandise at Redbubble.